• Located on the 31st floor, The View offers a breakfast buffet with a wide range of international breakfast specialties to suit the international traveler’s palates. Apart from the buffet, we serve an extensive A la carte menu for lunch & dinner. We also host all our international events such as Christmas lunch, New Year’s Eve dinner, Eid lunches & dinners, Valentine’s Day, and a lot more.
  • Included in the menu is also a variety of non-alcoholic exclusive wines, sparkling beverages, fresh juices, mocktails, and a variety of exclusive teas and coffees. The view is spectacular, overlooking the sea.

For Guest

Offers a concept dining menu including set menus and theme nights with a superb range of beverages served to compliment the meal. The view, ambiance, and setting of this outlet is ideal for a relaxed contemporary dining

Special for Guest

    • The Cabana and Grill are located on the 31st floor alongside a magnificent view of the Burj Khalifa. At The Cabana and Grill, we serve a wide range of Salads, appetizers cold and hot, main courses, and desserts.
    • Based on the concept of Pay as You Weigh, the guests are able to order their choice of salads, meat, etc. from a large variety of food by weight which will be prepared to order by the chefs at the show kitchen.
  • To complement the food, fresh juices, mocktails, smoothies and a variety of healthy beverages will be on our list including specialty coffees and teas. The highlight of the Cabana and Grill is the high-quality wide selection of Shisha flavors our shisha connoisseurs serve with an exceptional touch.

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